Information & Communication Technology

The telecommunications and media sector is constantly changing environment.

New technologies, new services, changes in consumer habits and a regulatory environment with direct impact on business strategies and tactical actions.

  • The increasingly performance of networks allows the development of new products and utilization.

  • New companies and services are constantly emerging, creating new consumption habits and changing the purchase attributes.

  • How to act in this context of intensive investment, demand for new offers, strong competition and regulatory demands (coverage, service levels, etc.)?

  • The voice business is constantly making room for data and VAS.

  • Competition between operators shifts the focus from coverage to offer and service.

  • OTTs offer boost demand for mobile and fixed broadband.

  • The optimization of commercial investments – e.g. acquisition and retention costs is critical.
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics must be used to select the right offers, optimizing Customer Lifecycle Management.

  • Segmentation allows directing actions and offers to customers with the higher conversion odds, in the proper sales channels.

  • Understanding customer needs is the reference to design the multichannel service model, ensuring satisfaction and reducing churn levels.

  • Loyalty programs, adding benefits and relevant experiences due to the intensity and length of the relationship, can contribute to the engagement of the customer base. Benefits must be tangible and attainable.

  • Operational efficiency, automation and processes digitalization must be routine in the sector, providing competitiveness, commercial agility and meeting customer requests.

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