• Pricing strategies review based on value perception for customers.
  • Design of new offer elements and ways of charging.
  • Identification of the key attributes for customers buying decision and the respective company positioning.
  • Elasticity analysis and quali-quantitative researches to support pricing decisions.

Channel management

  • Design of multichannel strategy/operation – aligning offer/segments/ geographies;
  • Optimization of commercial investment;
  • Design of compensation/commissioning models;

Digital Marketing

  • AI solutions to optmize results and productivity;
  • Customer experience review on the different channels through digital solutions.

Customer insights and analytics

  • Client segmentation;
  • Promotions and offer optimization through data analysis

Customer Experience (CLM – Customer Lifecycle Management)

  • Analysis and identification of the key processes throughout the customer lifecycle and at the different contact points;
  • Operational optimization of customer interactions;
  • Design, management and review of loyalty programs;
  • Churn reduction plans;
  • Customer base development – upselling, cross-selling and profitability actions.    |    +55 11 2844 1788 
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